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On my own Life Journey, just as we all are. I'm here to be on your side during your Life Journey, offering tools and means to support you.

Family, Career, Exercising, Mindful, Yoga, Running, Awareness, Stress management, Focus, Meditation, energy work and Direction setting.

All are important pieces in my life and to find a balance in mind and body.

An experienced manager, focused on personal growth and the journey along the path of life, meeting up to the challanges we all can face at times. 


With intention to be connected to the present moment, living in awareness, open mindset, connected in body and mind, making the decisions that make us move forward and at the same time a good health and balance.

I have been working my entire career in large companies, with a wide span of different cultures, preferences and ways to look upon life. I have been leading managers and team members across the world in Japan, USA, Brazil, France, India and in Sweden. I have in real life seen, felt and been in the middle of those different cultural, preferences and ways of looking on life.  There are so many different ways in how people interact, looking upon themselves as individuals and part of a collective company or society. In the end, it all starts with your own inner values and intention.


There is not one right way to choose in how to approach life, decision making, social interaction, self awareness and how to live your life. There are many different ways and paths to walk down along. The important thing is that you are aware of where you are, where you want to be and setting a direction with purpose and awareness. It's important that when you're living, to as well be present in the moment and being connected with yourself.

You are most welcome to connect with me, want to cooperate or if you want me to give you sessions, classes or work shops, individually, in groups or at your company.

I am looking forward to be part of your journey, along your path. You will have to make the decisions, but I can be there together with You, giving support, guidance and tools. 

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